Thursday, November 14, 2013

MetaAutomation: The Book

MetaAutomation is moving from a blog to a book.

I've been writing, pulling ideas together, and synthesizing, to create a package that represents a stronger value proposition to people concerned with automated software testing that includes any or all of these:
  • regression tests
  • functional tests
  • all tests that are initially or intended to become fully repeatable
  • positive and negative tests
The package (and the book) is for tests that include functional dependencies (internal and external services etc.) and generally don't have fakes or shims. So, it does NOT address any of

  • security tests
  • performance tests
  • stress tests
  • code metrics
  • model-based testing
  • fault injection
  • accessibility
  • discoverability
  • suitability or validation
The book doesn't address every topic of this blog, but it does create a valuable big-picture synthesis that isn't possible in the blog format.