Monday, January 5, 2015

Why a book?

Why is MetaAutomation a book? Usually, people blog their ideas, or travel and consult for hire.

Here's why it's a book, not a set of tweets or blog posts: the book format encourages people to put some attention span into understanding it and finding value, because there is some emotional and intellectual investment involved. The potential value is huge and ground-breaking and radically innovative, but it needs some work up front to understand it.

I published MetaAutomation on Amazon.

See my last post for a summary of the pattern language, and other posts talk about bits of it that fall away into their separate post-size ideas.

For more information, search for MetaAutomation on Amazon, and use the "Look inside" feature. A lot of my book is viewable ...

From the book, feedback to the author is invited and possible through the web site that supports the working sample implementation of the Atomic Check pattern.

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